Notable software from Tom

Software libraries and development tools that I have written

  • horetu creates command-line interfaces to Python functions.
  • urchin is a test-runner written in shell and designed for testing portable shell programs (Also see Unix-style tests.)
  • vlermv is a filesystem-backed Python dict that makes file access convenient.

End-user tools that I have written

Data collection services that I have written and maintained

Interesting experimental tools

  • Quickly estimating the contents of files: These tools construct statistically valid surveys based on the structure of the file and the filesystem.
  • hrheo is a declarative language for specification of schemas and manipulations of wide data tables. It provides detailed logs and flexible data validations.
  • funmap merges the concepts of function, data type, and state (tuples/objects). It makes pure functional Python code a bit easier to write.

Significant patches to other peoples' projects