Tom's screen-reader

Tom's screen reader


tsh [-h] [shell]


tsh -h
tsh tcsh


Check out the source code.

fossil clone tsh.fossil
mkdir tsh
cd tsh
fossil open ../tsh.fossil

Compile. This part probably works only on OpenBSD 6.1.


Ensure that dependencies are installed.

pkg_add espeak


I patched script(1) so that output to the file is not buffered and so that header and footer messages are not printed. See "script.patch" for reference. Then I send the output from the resulting patched script to a FIFO, and I read from the FIFO into espeak.

I should be able to implement this without something as big as script, reading directly from the tty, but I have not figured out how to do that.

That said, it's still much better than any other screen reader that I am aware of.