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Tom's base computer configurations
These are my various server configuration, including OpenBSD ports.
To apply the configurations, do something like this. ::

Install rsync.

    pkg_add rsync
    apt-get install rsync
    # &c.

Check out the configuration.

    mkdir -p /checkout/configuration/os
    fossil clone https://thomaslevine.com/scm/os /checkout/configuration/os.fossil
    cd /checkout/configuration/os
    fossil open ../os.fossil

Run the installer as root.

    cd /checkout/configuration/os
    make dep
    make install USER=username

To update configurations but not run the install script, do this.

    cd /checkout/configuration/os
    make USER=username

Change "username" to whatever you want your main user's name to be.
I do this, for example.

    make USER=tlevine

If you use "doas" or you use "su" but not "su -l" to get root privileges,
you likely don't need to set USER.