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Tom's dictionary
Look up words in bilingual dictionaries.


Install from PyPI. ::

    pip3 install vortaro

Follow these directions to download a dictionary. ::

    python3 -m vortaro download dict.cc

Run this to confirm that you have saved the dictionary properly. ::

    python3 -m vortaro ls

Then you can look up stuff like this. ::

    python3 -m vortaro lookup elephant

The default is to look for the phrase in all dictionaries.
Restrict to particular languages like this. ::

    python3 -m vortaro lookup -to hr -to sv -from en elephant

Run these to see help. ::

    python3 -m vortaro
    python3 -m vortaro download -help
    python3 -m vortaro ls -help
    python3 -m vortaro lookup -help

Shell integration
Consider setting up an alias and tab completion. Here is what I use in tcsh. ::

    alias vortaro python3 -m vortaro lookup
    complete vortaro 'C%*%`cut -f 1 ~/.vortaro/history`%'

Here an alias for sh. ::

    alias vortaro='python3 -m vortaro lookup'

This is a Python module.
Source code is at https://thomaslevine.com/scm/vortaro/.
The command line interface uses `horetu <https://pypi.python.org/pypi/horetu/>`_.

The idea of underlining the search term comes from
Matthias Bloch's `woerterbuch.pl <https://www1.dict.cc/download/woerterbuch.pl>`_.