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Tom's data music presentations materials

Each presentation is a file in the present directory, referencing figures in the figures directory.

I have run this successfully on OpenBSD 6.0, OpenBSD 6.1, Fedora 25.0, Ubuntu 16.04 or 17.04 (not sure which), and Slackware ARM 14.2.

Download the repository as either a tarball

tar xzf data-music-presentations.tar.gz
cd data-music-presentations

or as a Fossil repository.

fossil clone data-music-presentations.fossil
mkdir data-music-presentations
cd data-music-presentations
fossil open ../data-music-presentations.fossil

Install dependencies.

pkg_add git
apt-get install libpng-dev libxft2-dev
(And I didn't record the Fedora dependencies.)

Build the modified sent program like this.


Then run something like this to view the slides.

bin/slides 2017-03-srug

The slides are written in a patched version of sent. The patch is vendor/sent.diff. The main change is to support embedding of things other than images.

In case you don't manage to install the software, see the slides/notes in the root of the repository and the figures in the "figures" directory.