Called to Serve: The video from jury duty about random sampling

When I had jury duty in 2013 I was shown an awesome video on random sampling that didn't use any jargon at all! The court shows it to encourage people to do their jury duty rather than coming up with excuses not to. I looked for ways of getting a copy so I could show it to people who want to learn about random sampling.

While this video was produced for the United States courts and shown at jury duty around the country, it is unfortunately owned by a private company, and I was unable to get a copy.

I dream of one day showing this video to budding staticians.

How I figured this out

I called the jury clerk, and he told me that it's called "Call to Serve" and is distributed by the Federal Judicial Center Information Services Office. He gave me a United States Courts intranet URL (.dcn top-level domain) for the FJC catalog, which I obviously couldn't access, but I found the FJCISO phone number on its internet website, and I called.

I spoke with Matt Sarago ( and learned the following.

  • It was produced by a production company for Georgia, and that came with copyright restrictions.
  • NTIS sold the old one, and that's the one on YouTube.
  • Someone just bought it and (illegally?) put it on YouTube.
  • He did not know for sure, but he thought a jury administrator probably would not have the right to distribute it to me.
  • The old video said something bad about real estate agents and got people upset, so there was an update to that.

He sent me

  • YouTube link to the old version of Call to Serve
  • YouTube link to a video for jurors in patent cases that might be interesting.
  • Information on the licensing of Call to Serve from its credits, so that I may look further into obtaining the video
  • Abstract of the video

Unfortunately, none if these got me anywhere.

But here's the abstract for the one that I want.

Called to Serve is a petit jury orientation video that explains to potential jurors why their service is important and what it will be like. The video is introduced by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. and includes interviews with Associate Justices Sandra Day O'Connor (ret.) and Samuel A. Alito, Jr. on the history and importance of the jury system and jury service. The video also includes interviews with people who have served on juries about their experiences and explains some of the whys and wherefores and dos and don'ts of jury duty. Called to Serve will help explain jury service to those in the jury venire and help your jury administrators answer their questions and address some of their concerns. This video was produced in 2009, and revised in 2013. Automatic distribution made to: Clerks, U.S. District Courts (in sufficient quantity for divisional offices); and Clerks, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.

If I remember correctly, the part that has proprietary licensing is just the interviews with John G. Roberts Jr.; Sandra Day OConnor; Samuel A. Alito Jr.; and Joy A. Richardson.