Fine data art by Thomas Levine


As a teenager Thom immersed himself in the study of the great statisticians and typographers along with the modern data visualization softwares, learning LaTeX, R, and SWeave in order to typeset beautiful reproducible homework assignments for high school classes. While Thom's interests soon progressed to other aspects of statistics and programming, Thom continued to be inspired by the simple act of making quantitative research look beautiful, bringing to light the glorious accomplishments of humble researchers.

Throughout life Thom has shared the love of data and has used skills in art, statistics, and programming to support environmental advocacy, workplace safety, education, and humanitarian efforts.

Managing a letterpress shop for several years, Thom recognized the power of older technologies to inspire new perspectives; he consequently resolved to compose graphs by hand in order to connect more deeply with data.

Thom credits the statisticians of times past with the inspiration to create data art. Thom aspires to touch people of all statistical backgrounds and to bring empiricism into their lives through art.

Four people are in a line. The third person in the line is Thom.
The other three people are each holding one of Tom's paintings.

Fine data art by Thomas Levine