I am making videos of myself narrating tongue-twister scenes, and I could use some help. I need these things.

  • people to act out tongue-twister scenes
  • various objects that are featured in tongue twisters
  • access to particular places for shooting the videos
  • people to practice tongue twisters with
  • suggestions of tongue twisters to learn

If you are interested in supporting this endeavor, email me and tell me something about yourself so that I have an idea of which tongue twisters to request your help with. The following information may be helpful.

  • the place(s) where you grew up
  • the place(s) where you presently reside
  • other places you plan on visiting over the next few months
  • languages that you speak
  • your pets, if they might like to be part of a video
  • anything else you feel like mentioning, especially if we haven't met
  • whether you have a car
  • the place where you work, if you work
  • whether you happen to have a lot of costumes, especially costumes of other animals