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I quite like the surveillance lifestyle, and my concern is simply that it does not go far enough; a privileged elite of governments and big companies keep my private information to itself rather than disseminating it the common people, who are the very creators of this information. Surveillance in its conventional form exploits the work of the masses to create massive databases that maintain the power of the powerful.

OpenPrism proposes an alternative surveillance lifestyle that rejects these class hierarchies, where information flows freely in a distributed fashion rather than stagnating in private vaults, where the people have the means to surveil each other rather than being slave to a secret surveillance authority.

Open data initiatives weaken the class hierarchy of access to knowledge by releasing data that were once private. I suggest that this is a model that should be taken further. To demonstrate the power of this model, OpenPrism lets you search for datasets across more than 100 open data portals, encouraging the common person to explore and utilize the vast troves of open data.

I am lucky enough not to be noticeably persecuted by any government, so I can use my life as an experiment in extreme openness. I post information as openly as I conveniently can, and I am personally quite comforted by the knowledge that everyone is reading it. This allows people to recognize my accomplishments, build on my work, and take action if I suddenly get kidnapped. I dream of a world where everyone can be as open as I am.