On September 19, I got this email from the GovLab. It requested that tell them about companies who are using open data by filling out a questionnaire within two weeks (September 27).

On November 24, I saw a tweet about a strangely similar request from the Sunlight Foundation, with the questionnaire due November 29.

Sharing data to save time

These questionnaires are quite similar; could we (GovLab, Sunlight, and people filling out questionnaires) maybe save some work if GovLab and Sunlight shared the questionnaire data?

The questionnaires are not identical, so the questionnaire of one of these groups might not satisfy the needs of the other, but I think it would at least help.

Open our data about open data

It's quite possible that Sunlight has seen GovLab's data. I hope they have, as that probably would have saved some time. But even if they did, I find it hilarious that I haven't seen the results of at least the GovLab questionnaire.

Lots of people say that much of open data is about setting the default to open, so you would think that raw results of these questionnaires would be published. I guess Sunlight might want to wait until it closes the questionnaire before it publishes anything, but GovLab could totally have released its data by now.

Sharing data to get people to contribute data?

When I saw each of these questionnaires, I considered sending it to people, but nine days didn't seem like enough time for it to be worth me telling people about them.

Actually, that's not really true; that's what I say to myself, but it's really an excuse; the real reason I didn't send them around is that I'm generally quite skeptical that anyone is going to look closely at the questionnaire. Assembling the questionnaire and sending it out is a lot of work already; are they actually going to have any energy left once they get the results back?

I wonder: Would opening the results of questionnaires would get me to fill out the questionnaires?